Math Lessons For A Living Education Level 6 Teacher/Student Set


This set includes the Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 6 Student Book and the Level 6 Teacher’s Guide.

The Teacher Guide is required for the Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 6 Student Book

Although this book was written mostly for the student, the story segments help the teacher build/strengthen a relationship with each student. The storyline of Math Lessons for a Living Education Book 6 is not written to introduce math concepts; it is meant to bring the element of character and relationship to the study of math. Children learn best when they can learn through relationship. The story in this book is prayerfully crafted to reach into many issues that children this age are facing . . . the question of a personal faith in God, the question of trust in God’s goodness even in the midst of hardship, the decision of letting God use pain for their good, etc. Read the story together, knowing that it is our tendency to push our children into independent learning at this age. Although a certain amount of independence is important, it is also extremely important that we maintain an element of closeness. Our children need contact with us more at this age than almost at any other time. Stay close. Stay plugged in. Stay involved.

The concepts of math are a conversation between your student and the text. This book is meant to grow your child’s faith in God, critical thinking ability, and confidence in their God-given ability.

You will see that each lesson has a variety of Ingenious Creator Feature Focus elements. May your child be encouraged and amazed at the power and creativity, the order and patterns of our God and the creation He has blessed us with. (You will notice that these elements have been “pulled” from the story segment in some way, and as much as possible, are labeled or explained using the math concepts/elements they have been working with.)

Think of this math book as a type of unit study — a holistic approach, complete with a variety of hands-on projects, practice problems, conversational explanations, research and application, Use Your Words! narration assignments, amazing facts that show God’s outstanding math ability, and a solid mathematical foundation for future math studies.

A note about quizzes and tests in this book. If you have used the previous books in this series, you are aware that they contain very few quizzes or tests. This is because they are written in such a way that your child is consistently showing you what they know. Book 6 is also written in this way, BUT, because quiz and test taking is a skill that they need in life, they have been added at the end of each lesson. If you, as the teacher, do not want your child to take every single lesson quiz, simply use the lesson practice and review, which is directly before most of the quizzes. You decide what your student needs and adjust this course to fit them. Please also note that lesson 22 of this book is ten days worth of work on some additional, rather advanced concepts. Please preview this lesson and read the note at the beginning of it. Also note that there is an optional, but highly recommended, two-day student presentation at the end of the book. You might want to tell your student about it, so he or she can be thinking on what to present.

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Item Description: Math, grade 6, Faith based


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