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The Learning without Tears Building Writers composition workbook series offers extra practice for developing writing skills. Students become better, more fluent writers as they write about cross-curricular topics and practice narrative, information, and opinion-based writing styles. Simple black-and-white illustrations are paired with age-appropriate writing prompts that ask students to write the ending to a story, write sentences about different types of boats, describe the setting to a story, write facts about different types of animals or instruments, write about a favorite book, and more. 86 pages, softcover. Consumable workbook; pages are reproducible for one child only. Level C is for Grade 2.

Building Writers C covers the following skills:

  • Narrative: Students write stories in logical order with detail, action, and emotion, and provide an ending/closure
  • Information: Write an introduction about their topic, facts to explain the topic, and a conclusion
  • Opinion: Students learn to clearly state their opinion in a topic sentence, provide reasons to support their opinion, and write a conclusion

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