A Boy After God’s Own Heart: Your Awesome Adventure with Jesus


Boys have a lot competing for their attention, and peer pressure can be tremendous–making it a challenge to encourage them toward the things of God and living the Christian life. George helps young guys understand why God is important in everything they do.

How do you handle peer pressure and choose the right kind of friends?  What if your’re having a hard time doing your homework or getting along with your brothers and sisters?  And what should you do when you mess up—especially with your parents or with God?

The Bible has the answers to those questions and more!  With God’s help, you can…

– learn how to make good decisions and great friends, see the benefits of homework and even chores, get along better with your parents and other family members, discover more about the Bible so you can grow closer to God.

Other titles available: A Boy’s Guide to Making Really Good Choices and A Boy’s Guide to Discovering His Bible (each sold separately)

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