BC Math Grade 3


  • 100% adherence to Provincial Math Curriculum
    • Dynamic Classroom math books present the concepts and examples in a clear, concise, and straight forward manner. Guaranteed to save teachers time preparing lessons.
    • Where required by provincial curriculums, Coding, Aboriginal Applica­tions and Financial Literacy units are included.
    • Grade 3 Math topics include: Numbers and Comparing, Place Values, Addition, Subtraction, Understanding Multiplication, Multiplication Skill Builders, Multiplication Fluency, Division, Mixed Operations, Equations and Variables, Estimation and Rounding, Geometric Measurements and more.
  • Detailed explanations and step-by-step guided examples
    • We teach students the concepts through clear explanations and take the student through guided example questions with step-by-step solutions.
  • Enforce learning through practice
    • We provide a lot of practice questions of varying difficulty to help reinforce each concept. Questions start out easy and grad­ually increase in difficulty.
    • Practice tests for each unit are included in the book
    • Students will be able to test their understanding of the con­cepts they learned, by taking the practice test found at the end of each unit and chapter

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