ScienceWorks for Kids: Simple Machines, Grades 1-3


Simple Machines covers these concepts:

  • work is done when a force is used to move something over a distance
  • some jobs take more work that other jobs
  • machines make work easier
  • machines may have few
  • many, or no moving parts
  • the lever is a simple machine
  • the wheel and axle is a simple machine
  • the pulley is a simple machine
  • the inclined plane is a simple machine
  • the screw is a simple machine
  • the wedge is a simple machine.

A variety of engaging activities present the concepts in ways that students can understand. Each concept presented includes:

  • teacher directions for lessons
  • reproducible resource pages such as sets of picture cards, minibooks, and lab sheets to record the results of hands-on investigations

This resource contains teacher support pages, reproducible student pages, and an answer key.

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ISBN: 9781557996893

Vendor: Evan Moor

Item Description: Science, machines, Grades 1-3


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