Living off the Land Teacher’s Guide


This unit is written by Rebecca and has a strong focus on home economics and DIY skills, some of which are lost arts. The student pages feature more hands-on/project-based ideas such as candle dipping, soap making, sewing, etc. But, don’t worry, they are entirely optional. You don’t have to do dioramas if you don’t want to, you can simplify things and just watch videos or read about how things were done without needing to get a bunch of supplies and make a big mess IF you want. This unit offers optional tie-ins including canning, dehydrating, and choosing to make things from scratch as much as possible. Living off the Land features, for the first time, family devotional prompts at the start of each lesson. Each prompt ties into the lessons, and is meant to prompt you into prayer or discussion or asking hard questions. 

What to buy? You will need to purchase a physical workbook for each child as well as a Teacher’s Guide for yourself. The Teacher’s Guides contain all the actual teaching, they are not just for answers, so they are critical to your lessons. Printed books are printed on 32lb. paper and are shipped to you coil bound.

How long are units designed to last? Each unit is designed to be 4-5 weeks. Our main units and most of our mini units include 20 lessons and can be done as a 4-day school week (lasting 5 weeks) or a 5-day school week (lasting 4 weeks) to offer flexibility. You’re in control! Set a schedule that works best for your family and your pace will dictate how quickly you complete any given unit.



Vendor: Gather Round

Item Description: Art, Social Studies, Home Ec.


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