Klutz Stitch & Style Pouches

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Stitch & Style Pouches

Stitch and style seven felt pouches with button or zipper closures!

Choose from 20 charming designs, including a cat with sunglasses, a lemon, a cactus, a puppy, and more. Then pick from seven colours of felt to create the perfect pouch. Use them to stash anything — coins, earbuds, and more. It’s the perfect accessory to attach to your backpack and hold your tiny treasures.

Comes With: 4 pages of paper patterns, 7 sheets of acrylic felt, 3 buttons, 4 zippers, 15 pairs of pre-cut acrylics felt black eyes, 18 noses + 9 cheeks of pre-cut pink acrylic felt, 2 embroidery needles, 7 colours of embroidery floss

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