History Revealed: World Empires, World Missions, World Wars Essentials Pack


Fully integrating the Bible with history, Diana Waring’s bestselling World Empires, Missions, and Wars curriculum is packed with activities, readings, and information specifically designed for students of any learning style. Focusing on world history during the years 1800-1956 lessons offer an explicitly Christian perspective on world events. Covering the Napoleonic Wars alongside the Modern Missions Movement, the Industrial Revolution to Jim Elliot’s martyrdom in Ecuador, this curriculum integrates the historic events in the world with Church history.

Nine units each contain four weeks’ worth of information, online and book readings, discussion questions, research, timeline activities, map work, art, science, music, cooking, drama and a variety of creative activities. Each of the nine units can be completed in one month, with each unit featuring four weekly “phases” based on different learning styles. Taking a Charlotte Mason/Unit-Study approach, different levels of projects and books allow for multi-age learning for students in grades 5-12.

Every effort is made for students to engage in the material through exploring, researching and using it in a way that makes history lessons meaningful to their lives. By reading the lessons, engaging in the activities, and searching out answers for themselves, students will gain a firm understanding of modern world events.

The teacher’s guide features suggestions and information on learning styles, three learning modalities and eight intelligences, as well how to best teach this course to your individual student. Each unit includes one week (“phases”) geared towards each learning style; Week 1 is an introduction geared towards feelers, week 2 is “exploration & discovery” geared towards thinkers, week 3 is a hands-on week for sensors, and week 4 focuses on expression for “intuitor” students.

Units feature copious information for the teacher to use in teaching the lesson; units include reduced-size student pages, a chart for each day’s activities, spiritual emphasis’ in the lesson, teacher notes, background information, scripted discussion questions, explanations of concepts presented in the curriculum, referenced readings & audio, discussion, activities, review, evaluations, research topics, timelines, vocabulary, maps, art, projects and more.

With the What in the World, Volume 3 CD Set, listeners will uncover the secrets behind charismatic leaders, religious freedom, racial r econciliation, genocide, atomic warfare, and tyrannical ideologies.

The rubrics set includes rubrics for a variety of the projects and presentations in the curriculum in all four phases for easy grading.

The Test Kit includes eight unit tests (with short-answer, short-essay, and matching questions) along with test answers.

The new basic lesson plan includes a basic 3-day and 5-day lesson plan for each of the four phases.

This Essentials Pack kit (Grades 5-12) includes:


  • Teacher guide 427 pages, hardcover 
  • Student Text, 427 pages, softcover
  • Audio CD Set, 3 CDs
  • Rubrics Set, 21-page stapled booklet
  • Test Kit, tear-pad
  • Lesson plan sheet, 1 piece of paperNKJV Scripture used.

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ISBN: 0316136102

Vendor: Diana Waring

Item Description: Social studies, Bible, Grade 9


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