Horizons Math Grade 6 Student Book 1


Is your 6th grader ready to face the challenge of junior and senior high mathematics? With the Horizons 6th Grade Math Student Book 1 from Alpha Omega Publications, your child will enter algebra and other advanced math with the skills he needs to succeed. This colorful, consumable workbook-based curriculum captures your homeschooled child’s attention with fast-paced, engaging lessons that include concepts such as scientific notation, greatest common factors, exponents, circle graphs and pictographs, geometry definitions, four-digit multiplication and division, types of triangles, and more!

And we don’t stop there! Regular reviews after each series of 10 lessons in this Alpha Omega curriculum ensures the mastery of each elementary math concept found in the Horizons 6th Grade Math Student Book 1. And with perforated pages that allow for easy removal of each worksheet.

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ISBN: 9780740300097
Vendor: Alpha Omega Publications
Purchase Description: Math, Grade 6, JMS061

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