Horizons Math Grade 4 Student Book 2


Expanding on concepts learned in the Horizons 4th Grade Math Student Book 1, Horizons 4th Grade Book 2 is brightly illustrated, consumable workbook keeps your child learning math quickly with fast-paced lessons. The spiral-learning method of introduction, review, and reinforcement makes this elementary homeschooling math curriculum easy-to-learn. Concepts in this Alpha Omega curriculum include congruent and similar figures, addition and subtraction of like and unlike fractions, bar and line graphs, addition and subtraction of decimals, time and temperature, and more!

And that’s not all! This softbound, easy-to-use workbook ensures your child’s mastery of each concept with a comprehensive review test after every 10 lessons. In addition, you’ll love the added convenience of perforated pages which allows for easy removal of each worksheet

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ISBN: 9781580959872
Vendor: Alpha Omega Publications
Purchase Description: Math, Grade 4, JMS042

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