Frozen in Time


Earth’s past is littered with the mysterious and unexplained: the pyramids, Easter Island, Stonehenge, dinosaurs, and the list goes on and on as science looks for clues to decipher these puzzles.

One such mystery surrounds the now-extinct creature called the woolly mammoth. Author and meteorologist Michael Oard has studied the mammoth and its equally mysterious time period, the Ice Age, for many years and has come to some fascinating conclusions to help lift the fog engulfing the facts. Some of the questions he addresses include:

  • What would cause the summer temperatures of the northern United States and European to plummet more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit?
  • Why did mammoths become extinct across the entire earth at the same time as many other large mammals?
  • Why are the mammoth carcasses found generally in standing positions?
  • How could large lakes exist in what are today very dry, desert-like places?
  • What was the source of the abnormal of moisture necessary for heavy snow?
  • What caused the cold summer temperatures and heavy snowfall to persist for hundreds of years?

In logical progression many other Ice Age topics are explained including super Ice Age floods, ice cores, man in the Ice Age, and the number of ice ages. This is one of the most difficult eras in geological history for a uniformitarian scientist (one who believes the earth evolved by slow processes over millions of years) to explain, simply because long ages of evolution cannot explain it. Provided here are plausible explanations of the seemingly unsolvable mysterious about the Ice Age and the woolly mammoths – Frozen in Time.

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