Fix It! Grammar Book 1: The Nose Tree Student Book


Students will apply new grammar knowledge and practice their editing skills with the Fix it! series from the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW). Fix It: Grammar, The Nose Tree is the first set of books in a series of six (all books sold individually); books build skills progressively and it’s recommended that students complete the books in order.

This student book requires students to work in a 4-section notebook obtained separately. Weeks begin with a “Learn It” section that explains what they’ll be looking for; the grammar cards in the back are used in conjunction with this portion of the lesson.

Each day includes the same set of tasks; students read a sentence and look up the bolded word in a dictionary to decide the proper definition. On Day 1, students and teachers work together to help the student mark and fix the first sentence with a rewrite. On Days 2-4 students use abbreviations to mark the sentence by themselves. Finally, after marking, correcting, and discussing the sentences with a teacher, students copy the corrected full passage into a separate notebook so that they end up with a handwritten copy of the complete story.

The back of the book contains a section of grammar cards designed to be cut out and viewed with the “Learn It” section for the week. In addition, there is a separate glossary section that covers parts of speech; sentences/clauses/phrases; punctuation; additional rules and concepts; and stylistic techniques such as “dress-ups.” Student pages cover 69 pages; the glossary is 45 pages in the same book. Spiral bound. 3rd Edition. Can be used with grades 3-12. Teacher Guide sold separately.

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