7 Continents: Europe, Grades 4-6+


Develop geography literacy while learning about the unique characteristics of Europe!

The 7 Continents: Europe helps students learn about Europe through engaging reading and writing activities.

Five geography units cover the following standards-based topics:

Section 1: Europe in the World
Introduces students to the location of Europe in the world.

Europe's Relative Location

Europe's Hemispheres

Europe's Absolute Location

Using a Projection Map

Section 2: Political Divisions of Europe
Introduces students to the four regions and 44 countries of Europe.

Political Divisions of Europe

Population of Europe

Countries of Europe

Largest Countries by Area

Largest Countries by Population

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

Southern Europe

Northern Europe

Capital Cities of Europe

Communism in Europe

European Union

Section 3: Physical Features of Europe
Students learn about the landforms and bodies of water of Europe.

Europe's Landscape

European Peninsulas

European Islands

Mountains of Europe

Volcanoes of Europe

Europe's Forests

Northern Tundra

Europe's Bodies of Water

Seas of Europe

Rhine River

Norway's Fjords

Section 4: Valuable Resources of Europe
Students learn about the various natural resources of Europe.

Oil Production in Europe

Fishing in Europe

Grains and Potatoes


Wine Production


Europe's Forests

Wildlife of Europe

Section 5: European Culture
Introduces students to the architecture, arts, beliefs, and traditions of Europe.

Tourist Attractions

Fine Art




European Cuisine


This resource contains teacher support pages, reproducible student pages, and an answer key.

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