Ecoutez, Parlez Book/CD 2 French


This program not only teaches correct pronunciation, but also provides a fun way to learn vocabulary, verbs & phrases.  Just open the book turn on the CD and learn!  Completion of all 4 books provides students with an intermediate level of ability. Even children as young as 5 or 6 can use this program easily.  Set includes a CD and workbook. 

Unit 6: names of vegetables, verb: to eat, questions, colours

Unit 7: days, months, number to 30, verb: to go, phrases, simple questions

Unit 8: parts of the head, colours, body parts, verb: to have, adjectives: large & small

Unit 9: weather phrases, possessive pronouns, season, questions

Unit 10: breakfast foods, lunch foods, possessive prounous, forms of ‘de’ 

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