Earlybird Kindergarten Common Core Edition Textbook A


Textbooks develop essential math concepts and basic reasoning skills in a fun and engaging way. Lessons are guided by focused learning objectives, exercises reinforce new knowledge, and reviews assess student learning. Textbooks include Math at Home tear-out sheets and detailed teaching notes. Features & Components:

  • Each lesson is directed by a focused learning objective.
  • Exercises allow students to repeat and reinforce newly learned skills.
  • Teaching notes at the bottom of each page give step-by-step instructions to help educators develop lessons systematically.
  • Math at Home activities in tear-out sheets provide extended opportunities for learning with family members.

Note: Two textbooks (A and B) for each grade correspond to the two halves of the school year. Answer key not included. Soft cover.

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ISBN: 9789810189761

Vendor: Singapore Math

Item Description: Math, Grade K, Singapore


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