Advanced Complete MathSmart Grade 6


Advanced Complete MathSmart is the extension of our comprehensive Complete MathSmart. It is the ultimate workbook series that helps children solve challenging word problems. Each book in this series is comprised of two sections: the basic problem-solving section and the critical-thinking section. Children will have abundant practice on analyzing complex word problems, determining the appropriate methods required when approaching word problems, and presenting solutions in a logical way. Thorough step-by-step solutions are included in the answer key to help children understand how to arrive at the correct answers. Through Advanced Complete MathSmart, children will be well-equipped with the skills and strategies essential for tackling math problems at higher levels.

Inside Advanced Complete MathSmart Grade 6 Math workbook:

Math worksheets cover whole numbers, multiples, factors, decimals, fractions, percents, ratios, rates, area, volume, surface area, angles, triangles, Cartesian coordinate plane, patterning, equations, data management, and probability.

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