All About Reading Level 2 Student Pack COLOR *


All About Reading Level 2 Student Packet includes:

The Leap into Reading activity book, which includes a frog-themed progress chart to track your student’s progress; a read-aloud record to track the books you and your student have read; illustrated activity sheets, including games, activities, Word Flippers, and comprehension-building exercises; Practice Sheets filled with new words, review words, phrases, and sentences; and a frog-themed Certificate of Completion

  • 44 perforated Phonogram Cards
    292 perforated Word Cards
    10 Reading Syllable Tags

The Phonogram Cards and Word Cards are printed on sturdy cardstock, ready to be separated on the perforations, and the Leap into Reading activity book features perforated pages for easy removal.

If you already own a current version of All About Reading, there is no need to upgrade. The new Color Edition materials can be correlated seamlessly with the current black-and-white editions. Easy-to-use Correlation Guides for all levels is available on All About Learning Press website.

Please Note:  This publisher does not ship into Canada and with new border restrictions we are unable to collect our shipments from US customs.  Therefore once our current stock is depleted this item will be on backorder until such time as border restrictions are lifted.  


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