All About Reading Level 1 Student Pack COLOR


The Level 1 Student Packet includes:

The Blast Off to Reading! Activity Book, which includes an astronomy-themed progress chart to track your child’s progress; illustrated activity sheets, including games, Word Flippers, and matching activities; Fluency Practice sheets that include new words, review words, phrases, and sentences; and an astronomy-themed Certificate of Completion

  • 32 perforated Phonogram Cards, 174 perforated Word Cards
  • A Viewfinder Bookmark that helps your child to focus on individual words while reading and smiling star stickers.
  • The Phonogram Cards and Word Cards are printed on sturdy card stock, ready to be separated on the perforations, and the Blast Off to Reading 1 activity book features perforated pages for easy removal.

If you already own a current version of All About Reading, there is no need to upgrade. The new Color Edition materials can be correlated seamlessly with the current black-and-white editions. Easy-to-use Correlation Guides for all levels is available on All About Learning Press website.


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