A Reason For Handwriting: Kindergarten–Student Worktext


Great for pre-school and kindergarten! Students begin by tracing dotted lines (paths) that lead a fun character from left to right across the page. After a suggested activity of blowing bubbles, students are given a beginning lesson in forming round letters by tracing the dotted lines of bubbles on a work sheet page. They learn to start on the starting dot and move their pencil counter-clockwise around the circle.

Additional practice and activity pages for each letter are then included to help students practice what they have learned. Since students are only beginning to learn to form letters, this is the only grade level where entire Scriptures are not written for each lesson. The focus of this 142-page text is proper formation of letters and beginning sounds.

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ISBN: 9780936785370

Vendor: Christian Book Dis.

Item Description: handwriting, Spelling, Grade K


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