3 Little Firefighters


Help kids with their math skills  plus  their reading skills with the engaging and fun MathStart series!

3 Little Firefighters® is perfect for teaching sorting to pre-K through kindergartners. Three firefighters scramble to find 3 sets of matching buttons before the big parade starts. 

Kids will love the story and the illustrations by Bernice Lum. Parents and educators will love how the story and pictures make understanding the math concepts a breeze — as well as the concrete examples of how math works. The book contains activities for adults to do with kids to extend math into their own lives. Math = Fun!

MathStart is an award-winning series by Stuart J. Murphy that teaches math through stories and visual models. Young readers find the stories engaging and relatable, because each story revolves around practical applications of the math concept being presented and features lively art from top-notch illustrators.

Charts and other visual representations help children understand how the math works and promote deeper comprehension. This unique combination of stories, illustrations, and visual models helps teachers and parents in the teaching of math and provides all children with the opportunity to succeed.

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